Worcestershire Information

Worcestershire is one of England's most beautiful counties with many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Worcestershire offers superb family attractions, great leisure facilities, culture, history and heritage. From the majestic Worcester Cathedral to the beauty of the Malvern Hills and from peaceful Vale of Evesham to the Spa town of Droitwich.

One of the more unique ways to explore Worcestershire is on a narrow boating holiday cruising the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. The Worcester and Birmingham Canal was opened throughout 1815 and connected Birmingham directly to Worcester.

A guide will take you around the Royal Worcester Visitor Centre talking through techniques of past and present. See the skilled artists and work and have a go at painting your own plate. The shops stock a wide range of quality china, porcelain and gift ware with great savings and special offers throughout the year and the Seconds Shop offers a huge selection of quality seconds at greatly reduced prices.

Visit Stourport-on -Severn, the only town in Britain built solely as a consequence of the canals. It was here that James Brindley built the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal to link the River Severn with the Trent and Mersey.


operating from Worcestershire

Brown Weaver (Sleeps 4)
Canyon Wren (Sleeps 4)
Common Swift (Sleeps 4)
Naretha Blue (Sleeps 4)
Resting Easy (Sleeps 4)
Senegal Parrot (Sleeps 4)
Shooting Star (Sleeps 4)
Sigrid (Sleeps 4)
Wandering Star (Sleeps 4)

Eastern Star (Sleeps 5)
Golden Plover (Sleeps 5)
Rock Bunting (Sleeps 5)
Western Star (Sleeps 5)

Ashes Lark (Sleeps 6)
Aztec Conure (Sleeps 6)
Black Lark (Sleeps 6)
Cape Parrot (Sleeps 6)
Dunns Lark (Sleeps 6)
Fieldfare (Sleeps 6)
Galah (Sleeps 6)
Horned Lark (Sleeps 6)
Iceland Gull (Sleeps 6)
Jasper Too (Sleeps 6)
Little Gull (Sleeps 6)
Mandarin Duck (Sleeps 6)
Much Ado (Sleeps 6)
Ophelia (Sleeps 6)
Rainbow Lory (Sleeps 6)
Rock Dove (Sleeps 6)
Scarlet Macaw (Sleeps 6)
White's Thrush (Sleeps 6)
Wisp Of The Water (Sleeps 6)
Wood Sandpiper (Sleeps 6)

Dark Star (Sleeps 7)
Dawn Star (Sleeps 7)
Golden Eagle (Sleeps 7)
Imperial Eagle (Sleeps 7)
Short Toed Eagle (Sleeps 7)
White Tailed Eagle (Sleeps 7)

Aquatic Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Barred Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Bright Star (Sleeps 8)
Cymbeline (Sleeps 8)
Dusky Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Kentish Star (Sleeps 8)
Leaf Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Red Breasted Goose (Sleeps 8)
Willow Warbler (Sleeps 8)

Eagle Owl (Sleeps 10)
Forest Wagtail (Sleeps 10)
Great Owl (Sleeps 10)
Star Gazer (Sleeps 10)

Coscoroba Swan (Sleeps 12)
North Star (Sleeps 12)