6 berth Narrow Boats

The following boat(s) sleep up to a maximum of 6 people.

1966 N All That from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Adelaide Rosella from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Alexandra from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 6)
American Thrush from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Anne from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 6)
Arabian Lark from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Archers Lark from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Ashes Lark from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Atholl Brose from Falkirk (sleeps 6)
Audouin's Gull from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Australian King from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Aztec Conure from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Bar Tailed Lark from Anderton (sleeps 6)
Black Duck from March (sleeps 6)
Black Lark from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Black Swan from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Burmese Blossom 2 from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Buru Island 2 from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Canaloni from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Cape Parrot from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Cassiopeia from Middlesex (sleeps 6)
Christina from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Columbina from Middlewich (sleeps 6)
Common Gull from Gailey (sleeps 6)
Courageous from Middlewich (sleeps 6)
Crested Lark from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Crimson Rosella from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Curlew Sandpiper from Whitchurch (sleeps 6)
Daisy from Dunhampstead Wharf (sleeps 6)
Desert Lark from Falkirk (sleeps 6)
Duchess Lorikeet from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Dune Lark from Wrenbury (sleeps 6)
Dunns Lark from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Dusky Lark 2 from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Dusky Thrush from Anderton (sleeps 6)
Evie Alicia from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Festive Amazon from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6)
Fig Parrot from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6)
Flappet Lark from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6)
Forget-me-not from Dunhampstead Wharf (sleeps 6)
Foxy Lark from Springwood Haven (sleeps 6)
Freckled Duck from Gailey (sleeps 6)
Galah from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Georgia from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 6)
Go With The Flow from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Golden Princess from Middlewich (sleeps 6)
Gorgeous Grace from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
Gray's Lark from Whitchurch (sleeps 6)
Greater Spotted Sandpiper from Wrenbury (sleeps 6)
Green Sandpiper from Falkirk (sleeps 6)
Grey Partridge from Wrenbury (sleeps 6)
Gyptian Star from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 6)
Happy Wanderer from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
Hill Partridge from Anderton (sleeps 6)
Horned Lark from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Hyacinth Macaw from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Imperial Amazon from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Jade from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 6)
Josephines Lory from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Kate from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 6)
Knot Locked Down from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6)
Knot Sandpiper from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Laughing Gull from Anderton (sleeps 6)
Little Egret from Middlesex (sleeps 6)
Lochan Ora from Falkirk (sleeps 6)
Lock N Roll from Springwood Haven (sleeps 6)
Long Tailed Duck from Whitchurch (sleeps 6)
Mandarin Duck from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Martha from Stone (sleeps 6)
Masked Lark from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6)
Meadow Lark from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
Mealy Amazon from Anderton (sleeps 6)
Musk Duck from Gailey (sleeps 6)
Natasha from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Oakwood from Lyons Boatyard (sleeps 6)
Obbia Lark from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Olivia from Stone (sleeps 6)
Pacific Gull from Gailey (sleeps 6)
Pintail Duck from Springwood Haven (sleeps 6)
Poppy from Dunhampstead Wharf (sleeps 6)
Purple Sandpiper from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Rachel from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 6)
Rainbow Lory from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Red Legged Partridge from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Rock Dove from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Ross's Gull from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
Rudd's Lark from Wrenbury (sleeps 6)
Sand Lark from Wrenbury (sleeps 6)
Sand Partridge from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Scarlet Macaw from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Shore Lark from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
Silver Gull from Springwood Haven (sleeps 6)
Singing Parrot from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Sky Lark from Falkirk (sleeps 6)
Snow Partridge from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Soo 95 from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Spotted Sandpiper from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Starks Lark from Whitchurch (sleeps 6)
Sun Lark from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Sunflower from Dunhampstead Wharf (sleeps 6)
Swainson's Thrush from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Tahiti Sandpiper from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Tamara from Blackwater (sleeps 6)
Tawny Lark from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Terek Sandpiper from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Tranquility from Gayton (sleeps 6)
Tufted Duck from Springwood Haven (sleeps 6)
Tulip from Dunhampstead Wharf (sleeps 6)
Turtle Dove from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
Upland Sandpiper from Hilperton (sleeps 6)
Veery Thrush from Aldermaston (sleeps 6)
White's Thrush from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Wisp Of The Water from Worcester (sleeps 6)
Wood Duck from Gailey (sleeps 6)
Wood Lark from Springwood Haven (sleeps 6)
Wood Sandpiper from Alvechurch (sleeps 6)
Yellow Crowned Amazon from Anderton (sleeps 6)