4 berth Narrow Boats

The following boat(s) sleep up to a maximum of 4 people.

Agnes from Stone (sleeps 4)
Alexandrine from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Alice from Stone (sleeps 4)
Ambonia King from Aldermaston (sleeps 4)
American Kestrel from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Angela from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Athena from Skipton (sleeps 4)
Avon Valley from Bidford On Avon (sleeps 4)
Bay Wren from Falkirk (sleeps 4)
Black Necked Grebe from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Bragi from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Brown Weaver from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Bryn from Rugby (sleeps 4)
Cactus Wren from Falkirk (sleeps 4)
Canyon Wren from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Cape Weaver from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Carey from Stone (sleeps 4)
Carolina Wren from March (sleeps 4)
Chapmans Rusty from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Chattering Lory from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Cherwell Valley from Bidford On Avon (sleeps 4)
Clark's Grebe from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Cobbs Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Common Kestrel from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Cuban Amazon from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Everetts Blue 2 from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Flutist Wren from Rugby (sleeps 4)
Frances from Stone (sleeps 4)
Gemini Iii from Poynton (sleeps 4)
Great Crested Grebe from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Grith from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Happy Wren from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Heart Of England 2 from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Hooded Grebe from Rugby (sleeps 4)
Hope Valley from Coventry (sleeps 4)
Horned Grebe from Gailey (sleeps 4)
House Wren from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Inca Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Lady Blue Sky from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Lady Constance from Market Harborough (sleeps 4)
Lady Of Trent2 from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Lady Sophia from Poynton (sleeps 4)
Leah from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Lesser Kestrel from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Little Demon from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Little Grebe from Market Harborough (sleeps 4)
Lucy from Stone (sleeps 4)
Lydia from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Marbled Wren from Reedley (sleeps 4)
Marsh Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Mellors Crazy Shake from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Meyers Parrot from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Mottled Weaver from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Naretha Blue from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Oscar 2 from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Pacific Wren from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Pied Billed Grebe from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Red Necked Grebe from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Resting Easy from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Rock Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Rosemary from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Sawley Queen from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Sawley Tempted from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Sedge Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Senegal Parrot from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Shooting Star from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 4)
Sigrid from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Simone from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Slavonian Grebe from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Swan Valley from Coventry (sleeps 4)
Taw Valley from Coventry (sleeps 4)
Valya from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Village Weaver from Aldermaston (sleeps 4)
Wandering Star from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 4)
Western Grebe from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Winter Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)