4 berth Narrow Boats

The following boat(s) sleep up to a maximum of 4 people.

from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 4)
African Swift from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Agnes from Stone (sleeps 4)
Alexandrine from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Alice from Stone (sleeps 4)
Alpine Swift from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
American Black Swift from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Angela from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Ankka from Middlewich (sleeps 4)
Bay Wren from Falkirk (sleeps 4)
Bewicks Wren from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Blue Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Bluebell from Dunhampstead Wharf (sleeps 4)
Bragi from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Cactus Wren from Falkirk (sleeps 4)
Canyon Wren from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Cape Weaver from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Carey from Stone (sleeps 4)
Carolina Wren from March (sleeps 4)
Casanova from Middlewich (sleeps 4)
Chapmans Rusty from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Chattering Lory from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Cobbs Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Common Kestrel from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Common Swift from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Cuban Amazon from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Dunnerholme from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Emerald Lorikeet from Kings Orchard (sleeps 4)
Eurasian Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Flutist Wren from Springwood Haven (sleeps 4)
Forget Me Knot from Springwood Haven (sleeps 4)
Frances from Stone (sleeps 4)
Golden Crested Wren from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Goldie Locks from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Grass Wren from Kings Orchard (sleeps 4)
Great Dusky Swift from Springwood Haven (sleeps 4)
Grey Wren from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Happy Days from Aldermaston (sleeps 4)
Happy Wren from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Hooded Grebe from Springwood Haven (sleeps 4)
House Wren from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Inca Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Iron Maiden from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Knot So Fast from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Lady Blue Sky from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Lady Of Trent from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Lady Sophia from Middlewich (sleeps 4)
Lazy Daisy from Kings Orchard (sleeps 4)
Leah from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Lily from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Lock And Load from Kings Orchard (sleeps 4)
Lock And Quay from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Lucy from Stone (sleeps 4)
Lydia from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Marbled Wren 2 from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Marsh Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Meyers Parrot from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Mottled Swift from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Mottled Weaver from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Musician Wren from Springwood Haven (sleeps 4)
Naretha Blue from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Navas Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Nightingale Wren from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Oscar 2 from Gailey (sleeps 4)
Pacific Wren from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Pied Billed Grebe from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Poppy from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 4)
Precious Gem from North Kilworth (sleeps 4)
Real Ale from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Resting Easy from Worcester (sleeps 4)
Rock Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Sawley Queen from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Sawley Tempted from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Sedge Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4)
Senegal Parrot from Alvechurch (sleeps 4)
Serenity from Kings Orchard (sleeps 4)
Shooting Star from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 4)
Slipstream from Middlesex (sleeps 4)
Song Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Sooty Swift from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Sophies Serenity from North Kilworth (sleeps 4)
Spotted Wren 2 from Gayton (sleeps 4)
Tepui Swift from Aldermaston (sleeps 4)
Tree Swift from Whitchurch (sleeps 4)
Valya from Blackwater (sleeps 4)
Village Weaver from Aldermaston (sleeps 4)
Wallis Ali Baba from Anderton (sleeps 4)
Western Grebe from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)
Winter Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4)