Wiltshire Information

Wiltshire is home to two of the most iconic stone circles in the world, Stonehenge and Avebury.

The county is full of ancient archaeological sites, bustling market towns, gentle rolling hills and peaceful canals and rivers.

The Caen Hill Locks are a flight of 16 locks and thought to be the most impressive anywhere on the UK's waterways. They were engineer John Rennie's solution to climbing the very steep hill near to Devizes. The Caen Hill Locks on the Kennet and Avon Canal are part of a longer 29-lock flight all packed into just over two miles. The Kennet and Avon Canal runs right through Wiltshire and offers wonderful opportunities for exploring the beautiful countryside whilst on narrow boating holiday.

Take a tour of Wadworth Brewery Visitor centre and discover how the beer is still brewed by old fashioned methods today. Look out for the working shire horses who are a familiar sight in the streets of Devizes and visit their stables to meet them.

Explore the bustling market town of Bradford-on-Avon which nestles in the western corner of Wiltshire, the town is only 8 miles from the World Heritage City of Bath.


operating from Wiltshire

Bella (Sleeps 2)

African Swift (Sleeps 4)
Angela (Sleeps 4)
Blue Wren (Sleeps 4)
Eurasian Wren (Sleeps 4)
Iron Maiden (Sleeps 4)
Kakariki (Sleeps 4)
Leah (Sleeps 4)
Lily (Sleeps 4)
Lydia (Sleeps 4)
Marsh Wren (Sleeps 4)
Poppy (Sleeps 4)
Sawley Tempted (Sleeps 4)
Sedge Wren (Sleeps 4)

Corn Bunting (Sleeps 5)
White Faced Heron (Sleeps 5)

1966 N All That (Sleeps 6)
Alexandra (Sleeps 6)
Anne (Sleeps 6)
Arabian Lark (Sleeps 6)
Australian King (Sleeps 6)
Black Swan (Sleeps 6)
Evie Alicia (Sleeps 6)
Georgia (Sleeps 6)
Jade (Sleeps 6)
Kate (Sleeps 6)
Martha (Sleeps 6)
Rachel (Sleeps 6)
Sand Partridge (Sleeps 6)
Spotted Sandpiper (Sleeps 6)
Sun Lark (Sleeps 6)
Swainson's Thrush (Sleeps 6)
Tawny Lark (Sleeps 6)
Terek Sandpiper (Sleeps 6)
This England (Sleeps 6)
Upland Sandpiper (Sleeps 6)
Blue Goose (Sleeps 8)
Eve (Sleeps 8)
Hannah (Sleeps 8)
Lily (Sleeps 8)
White Fronted Goose (Sleeps 8)
Yellow Warbler (Sleeps 8)

Marsh Owl (Sleeps 10)
Mountain Wagtail (Sleeps 10)
Sacha (Sleeps 10)

Mute Swan (Sleeps 12)