Shropshire Information

Shropshire is a little corner of England that remains idyllic, unspoilt and uncrowded. There are historic houses and castle,beautiful gardens, museums and family attractions to be discovered in Shropshire.

Shrophire is home to two of the finest canals in the country The Shropshire Union Canal, affectionately known as 'The Shroppie' and The Llangollen Canal which is world famous for the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

For a wonderful day out visit the pretty canal side town of Ellesmere, know as the Shropshire Lakeland this traditional market town has a good mix of Tudor, Georgian and Victorian architecture. There are plenty of walks that will take you right along the Mere side or through the local nature reserve. In the spring and early summer visit the Heron Reserve and watch live close-up footage of the nesting birds and hatching chicks.

Shrewsbury is Shropshire's county town and is almost an island, encapsulated in the meandering loop of the River Severn. Explore the ancient streets lined with the black and White buildings that Shropshire is so well know for. Visit Shrewsbury Abbey and lookout for the statue of Charles Darwin which is situated outside the library.


operating from Shropshire

Alpine Swift (Sleeps 4)
American Black Swift (Sleeps 4)
Chattering Lory (Sleeps 4)
Cuban Amazon (Sleeps 4)
Happy Wren (Sleeps 4)
Inca Wren (Sleeps 4)
Lady Of Trent (Sleeps 4)
Rock Wren (Sleeps 4)
Sawley Queen (Sleeps 4)
Song Wren (Sleeps 4)
Sooty Swift (Sleeps 4)
Tree Swift (Sleeps 4)
Valya (Sleeps 4)

Night Heron (Sleeps 5)
Pied Plover (Sleeps 5)
Wilson's Plover (Sleeps 5)

Adelaide Rosella (Sleeps 6)
Archers Lark (Sleeps 6)
Christina (Sleeps 6)
Crested Lark (Sleeps 6)
Crimson Rosella (Sleeps 6)
Curlew Sandpiper (Sleeps 6)
Gray's Lark (Sleeps 6)
Hyacinth Macaw (Sleeps 6)
Josephines Lory (Sleeps 6)
Long Tailed Duck (Sleeps 6)
Natasha (Sleeps 6)
Singing Parrot (Sleeps 6)
Soo 95 (Sleeps 6)
Starks Lark (Sleeps 6)
Tamara (Sleeps 6)

Spotted Eagle 2 (Sleeps 7)
Tawny Eagle (Sleeps 7)

Dartford Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Greenish Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Hooded Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Lucy's Warbler (Sleeps 8)

Scops Owl (Sleeps 10)
Short Eared Owl 2 (Sleeps 10)
White Wagtail (Sleeps 10)