This fleet has 45 foot long 4 berth boats sleeping 2 in the bow cabin and 2 on a sofa bed conversion in the lounge, and 55 foot long 6 berths sleeping 4 in 2 cabins and 2 on a sofa bed conversion in the lounge. The bow cabin has a lovely King size double bed that fits across the whole width of the boat.

The boats are based at 8 locations around the country and the length of stay is flexible at various locations.

From Blackwater meadow marina in Ellesmere you can start your holiday on a Saturday or Sunday for between 3-7 nights and also it also offers the more traditional weekend break from Friday to Monday, or mid week from Monday to Friday.

Some of our marinas offer a 4 night holiday from Sundays, or a 3 night weekend break from Thursdays.


Fleet Information

Narrow Boat Operating Locations:

Aldermaston in Berkshire, Alvechurch in Worcestershire, Anderton in Cheshire, Blackwater in Shropshire, Gayton in Northamptonshire, Hilperton in Wiltshire, Kings Orchard in Staffordshire, Worcester in Worcestershire


Narrow boats in the fleet:

Ambonia King from Aldermaston (sleeps 4) Cuban Amazon from Blackwater (sleeps 4) Naretha Blue from Worcester (sleeps 4) Everetts Blue 2 from Gayton (sleeps 4) Senegal Parrot from Alvechurch (sleeps 4) Meyers Parrot from Anderton (sleeps 4) Alexandrine from Gayton (sleeps 4) Chattering Lory from Blackwater (sleeps 4) Emerald Lorikeet from Kings Orchard (sleeps 4) Kakariki from Hilperton (sleeps 4) Cuban Amazon 2 from Aldermaston (sleeps 4)

Gorgeous Grace from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Wisp Of The Water from Worcester (sleeps 6) Happy Wanderer from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Imperial Amazon from Gayton (sleeps 6) Galah from Worcester (sleeps 6) Crimson Rosella from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Cape Parrot from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Mealy Amazon from Anderton (sleeps 6) Adelaide Rosella from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Duchess Lorikeet from Gayton (sleeps 6) Hyacinth Macaw from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Josephines Lory from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Singing Parrot from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Rainbow Lory from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Aztec Conure from Worcester (sleeps 6) Scarlet Macaw from Worcester (sleeps 6) Yellow Crowned Amazon from Anderton (sleeps 6) Fig Parrot from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6) Festive Amazon from Kings Orchard (sleeps 6) Burmese Blossom 2 from Gayton (sleeps 6) Buru Island 2 from Worcester (sleeps 6) Australian King from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Evie Alicia from Hilperton (sleeps 6)