Staffordshire Information

Staffordshire is the perfect location for a narrow boating holiday as it is bang in the middle of England and has excellent transport links. Staffordshire is a county that is steeped in a wealth of history, heritage and rural splendour.

The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal was a major north-south route for the west of England and linked the area to Black country carrying coal and to the Potteries to the porcelain factories.

It is not surprising that visitors flock to the Wedgwood Visitor Centre in Stoke-on-Trent. Learn about the history of Josiah Wedgwood and his immortal legacy. Watch the products being made then have a go at making them yourself at the potter's wheel. Visitors to the shop are offered an abundance of products from finest ceramics to sparkling crystal there is also a factory seconds outlet where exceptional bargains can be found.

The diverse county of Staffordshire offers visitors the peace and tranquillity of Cannock Chase to the white knuckle rides at the theme parks at either Alton Towers and Drayton Manor.

Shugborough Hall has been the home of the Earls of Litchfield, including the world famous photographer the late Patrick Litchfield. Visit the historic house and view the beautiful interiors and the magnificent grounds. It is home to the Staffordshire County Museum where costumed guides recreate life 'below stairs' for the visitors.


operating from Staffordshire

Maria (Sleeps 2)

Angela (Sleeps 3)
Ginette (Sleeps 3)
Mino (Sleeps 3)
Patricia (Sleeps 3)

Agnes (Sleeps 4)
Alice (Sleeps 4)
Bragi (Sleeps 4)
Carey (Sleeps 4)
Common Kestrel (Sleeps 4)
Emerald Lorikeet (Sleeps 4)
Frances (Sleeps 4)
Grass Wren (Sleeps 4)
House Wren (Sleeps 4)
Lucy (Sleeps 4)
Mottled Swift (Sleeps 4)
Serenity (Sleeps 4)

Piping Plover 2 (Sleeps 5)

Common Gull (Sleeps 6)
Festive Amazon (Sleeps 6)
Fig Parrot (Sleeps 6)
Flappet Lark (Sleeps 6)
Freckled Duck (Sleeps 6)
Knot Locked Down (Sleeps 6)
Martha (Sleeps 6)
Masked Lark (Sleeps 6)
Musk Duck (Sleeps 6)
Olivia (Sleeps 6)
Pacific Gull (Sleeps 6)
Spirit Of Adventure (Sleeps 6)
Wood Duck (Sleeps 6)

Savoy Hill Vii (Sleeps 7)

Cettis Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Elinor (Sleeps 8)
Lilian (Sleeps 8)
Pine Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Savi's Warbler (Sleeps 8)
Upland Goose (Sleeps 8)
Wood Warbler (Sleeps 8)