8 berth Narrow Boats

The following boat(s) sleep up to a maximum of 8 people.

Aquatic Warbler from Worcester (sleeps 8)
Arctic Warbler from Aldermaston (sleeps 8)
Bar Headed Goose from Wrenbury (sleeps 8)
Barred Warbler from Alvechurch (sleeps 8)
Black Woodpecker from Wrenbury (sleeps 8)
Blackcap Warbler from Anderton (sleeps 8)
Blue Goose from Hilperton (sleeps 8)
Bright Star from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 8)
Cape Warbler from Rugby (sleeps 8)
Cymbeline 2 from Blackwater (sleeps 8)
Cymbeline 3 from Anderton (sleeps 8)
Dartford Warbler from Blackwater (sleeps 8)
Dawn Mist from Hinksford Wharf (sleeps 8)
Dusky Warbler from Alvechurch (sleeps 8)
Elinor from Stone (sleeps 8)
Eve from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 8)
Garden Warbler from Gayton (sleeps 8)
Geanna from Caversham (sleeps 8)
Gema from Caversham (sleeps 8)
Georgia from Caversham (sleeps 8)
Grasshopper Warbler from Gayton (sleeps 8)
Green Woodpecker from Aldermaston (sleeps 8)
Greenish Warbler from Blackwater (sleeps 8)
Gwenevere from Caversham (sleeps 8)
Hannah from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 8)
Hooded Warbler from Whitchurch (sleeps 8)
Kentish Star from Stourport on Severn (sleeps 8)
Leaf Warbler from Alvechurch (sleeps 8)
Liberty from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 8)
Lilian from Stone (sleeps 8)
Lily from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 8)
Lucy's Warbler from Whitchurch (sleeps 8)
Marsh Warbler from Wrenbury (sleeps 8)
May from Bradford-on-Avon (sleeps 8)
Norton Priory from Bollington (sleeps 8)
Pine Warbler from Kings Orchard (sleeps 8)
Red Breasted Goose from Alvechurch (sleeps 8)
Red Chested Swallow from Goytre (sleeps 8)
Red Collared Swallow from Goytre (sleeps 8)
Red Rumped Swallow from Goytre (sleeps 8)
Red Sea Swallow from Goytre (sleeps 8)
Red Throated Swallow from Goytre (sleeps 8)
River Warbler from Anderton (sleeps 8)
Sanderling from Falkirk (sleeps 8)
Savi's Warbler from Gailey (sleeps 8)
Scotch Mist from Falkirk (sleeps 8)
Syrian Woodpecker from Aldermaston (sleeps 8)
Upland Goose from Gailey (sleeps 8)
White Fronted Goose from Hilperton (sleeps 8)
Willow Warbler from Worcester (sleeps 8)
Wood Warbler from Gailey (sleeps 8)
Yellow Warbler from Hilperton (sleeps 8)