Alvechurch Boat Centres

Alvechurch Boat Centres

We have a range of boats from the 47 foot Weaver suitable for 2-4 people, or the 70 foot Swan suitable for up to 12.

Boats are available for full weeks start on Saturdays or Sundays. Short breaks start on either Monday to Friday or a Friday to Monday.  Boats available for short breaks are also available for weekly or 10/11 night hire.

We carry out a detailed inspection of our fleet annually and have an ongoing boat replacement program. This ensures quality is maintained and that you will have the range of facilities and equipment you expect of a modern holiday narrowboat.

Alvechurch Boat Centres

Fleet Information

Narrow Boat Operating Locations:

Aldermaston in Berkshire, Alvechurch in Worcestershire, Anderton in Cheshire, Blackwater in Shropshire, Falkirk in Stirlingshire, Gailey in Staffordshire, Gayton in Northamptonshire, Hilperton in Wiltshire, March in Cambridgeshire, Market Harborough in Leicestershire, Reedley in Lancashire, Rugby in Warwickshire, Whitchurch in Shropshire, Worcester in Worcestershire, Wrenbury in Cheshire


Narrow boats in the fleet:

Brown Weaver from Alvechurch (sleeps 4) Common Swift from Alvechurch (sleeps 4) Pacific Wren from Anderton (sleeps 4) Western Grebe from Wrenbury (sleeps 4) Cape Weaver from Wrenbury (sleeps 4) Cobbs Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4) Winter Wren from Wrenbury (sleeps 4) Slavonian Grebe from Gayton (sleeps 4) Pied Billed Grebe from Gayton (sleeps 4) Mottled Weaver from Hilperton (sleeps 4) Red Necked Grebe from Hilperton (sleeps 4) Marsh Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4) Sedge Wren from Hilperton (sleeps 4) African Swift from Hilperton (sleeps 4) Village Weaver from Aldermaston (sleeps 4) Cactus Wren from Falkirk (sleeps 4) Bay Wren from Falkirk (sleeps 4) Common Kestrel from Gailey (sleeps 4) House Wren from Gailey (sleeps 4) Lesser Kestrel from Gailey (sleeps 4) Oscar from Gailey (sleeps 4) Canyon Wren from Worcester (sleeps 4) Great Crested Grebe from Whitchurch (sleeps 4) Rock Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4) Inca Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4) Song Wren from Whitchurch (sleeps 4) Hooded Grebe from Rugby (sleeps 4) Flutist Wren from Rugby (sleeps 4) Clarks Grebe from Blackwater (sleeps 4) Happy Wren from Blackwater (sleeps 4) Alpine Swift from Blackwater (sleeps 4) Spotted Wren from Market Harborough (sleeps 4) Carolina Wren from March (sleeps 4) Marbled Wren from Reedley (sleeps 4)

Rock Bunting from Alvechurch (sleeps 5) Golden Plover from Alvechurch (sleeps 5) Reed Bunting from Anderton (sleeps 5) Great Blue Heron from Anderton (sleeps 5) Lapland Bunting from Wrenbury (sleeps 5) Purple Heron from Wrenbury (sleeps 5) Humblots Heron from Wrenbury (sleeps 5) Snow Bunting from Gayton (sleeps 5) Capped Heron from Gayton (sleeps 5) Corn Bunting from Hilperton (sleeps 5) White Faced Heron from Hilperton (sleeps 5) Little Bunting from Aldermaston (sleeps 5) Rustic Bunting from Aldermaston (sleeps 5) Night Heron from Whitchurch (sleeps 5) Black Headed Bunting from Whitchurch (sleeps 5) Wilson's Plover from Whitchurch (sleeps 5) Piping Plover from Reedley (sleeps 5)

Whites Thrush from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Iceland Gull from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Horned Lark from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Fieldfare Thrush from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Little Gull from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Wood Sandpiper from Alvechurch (sleeps 6) Glaucous Gull from Anderton (sleeps 6) Dusky Thrush from Anderton (sleeps 6) Laughing Gull from Anderton (sleeps 6) Bar Tailed Lark from Anderton (sleeps 6) Redwing from Wrenbury (sleeps 6) Hermit Thrush from Wrenbury (sleeps 6) Slender Billed Gull from Wrenbury (sleeps 6) Yellow Legged Gull from Wrenbury (sleeps 6) Dune Lark from Wrenbury (sleeps 6) Rock Thrush from Gayton (sleeps 6) Audouins Gull from Gayton (sleeps 6) American Thrush from Gayton (sleeps 6) Purple Sandpiper from Gayton (sleeps 6) Mediterranean Gull from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Sabines Gull from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Swainsons Thrush from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Blue Rock Thrush from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Tawny Lark from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Sun Lark from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Ivory Gull from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Upland Sandpiper from Hilperton (sleeps 6) Ross's Gull from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Turtle Dove from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Veery Thrush from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Shore Lark from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Meadow Lark from Aldermaston (sleeps 6) Sky Lark from Falkirk (sleeps 6) Desert Lark from Falkirk (sleeps 6) Green Sandpiper from Falkirk (sleeps 6) Collared Dove from Gailey (sleeps 6) Stock Dove from Gailey (sleeps 6) Emerald Dove from Gailey (sleeps 6) Rodulf from Gailey (sleeps 6) Common Gull from Gailey (sleeps 6) Pacific Gull from Gailey (sleeps 6) Niord from Gailey (sleeps 6) Rock Dove from Worcester (sleeps 6) Black Lark from Worcester (sleeps 6) Ashes Lark from Worcester (sleeps 6) Mandarin Duck from Worcester (sleeps 6) Dunns Lark from Worcester (sleeps 6) Siberian Thrush from Whitchurch (sleeps 6) Grays Lark from Whitchurch (sleeps 6) Long Tailed Duck from Whitchurch (sleeps 6) Curlew Sandpiper from Whitchurch (sleeps 6) Silver Gull from Rugby (sleeps 6) Wood Lark from Rugby (sleeps 6) Archers Lark from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Crested Lark from Blackwater (sleeps 6) Dusky Lark from Market Harborough (sleeps 6) Black Duck from March (sleeps 6) Tufted Duck from Reedley (sleeps 6)

Short Toed Eagle from Alvechurch (sleeps 7) Imperial Eagle from Alvechurch (sleeps 7) Booted Eagle from Anderton (sleeps 7) Osprey Eagle from Wrenbury (sleeps 7) Greater Spotted Eagle from Wrenbury (sleeps 7) Bonellis Eagle from Gayton (sleeps 7) Lesser Spotted Eagle from Hilperton (sleeps 7) Sea Eagle from Hilperton (sleeps 7) Crowned Eagle from Aldermaston (sleeps 7) White Tailed Eagle from Worcester (sleeps 7) Golden Eagle from Worcester (sleeps 7) Tawny Eagle from Blackwater (sleeps 7) Spotted Eagle from Market Harborough (sleeps 7)

Red Breasted Goose from Alvechurch (sleeps 8) Dusky Warbler from Alvechurch (sleeps 8) Barred Warbler from Alvechurch (sleeps 8) Leaf Warbler from Alvechurch (sleeps 8) River Warbler from Anderton (sleeps 8) Bar Headed Goose from Wrenbury (sleeps 8) Black Woodpecker from Wrenbury (sleeps 8) Marsh Warbler from Wrenbury (sleeps 8) Garden Warbler from Gayton (sleeps 8) Grasshopper Warbler from Gayton (sleeps 8) White Fronted Goose from Hilperton (sleeps 8) Blue Goose from Hilperton (sleeps 8) Yellow Warbler from Hilperton (sleeps 8) Green Woodpecker from Aldermaston (sleeps 8) Syrian Woodpecker from Aldermaston (sleeps 8) Arctic Warbler from Aldermaston (sleeps 8) Sanderling from Falkirk (sleeps 8) Upland Goose from Gailey (sleeps 8) Wood Warbler from Gailey (sleeps 8) Aquatic Warbler from Worcester (sleeps 8) Willow Warbler from Worcester (sleeps 8) Hooded Warbler from Whitchurch (sleeps 8) Lucy's Warbler from Whitchurch (sleeps 8) Cape Warbler from Rugby (sleeps 8) Dartford Warbler from Blackwater (sleeps 8)

Eagle Owl from Alvechurch (sleeps 10) Great Owl from Alvechurch (sleeps 10) Little Owl from Anderton (sleeps 10) Barn Owl from Wrenbury (sleeps 10) Long Eared Owl from Gayton (sleeps 10) Snowy Owl from Hilperton (sleeps 10) Marsh Owl from Hilperton (sleeps 10) Hawk Owl from Aldermaston (sleeps 10) Forest Wagtail from Worcester (sleeps 10) Yellow Wagtail from Rugby (sleeps 10) Scops Owl from Blackwater (sleeps 10) Short Eared Owl from Market Harborough (sleeps 10)

Coscoroba Swan from Alvechurch (sleeps 12) Black Necked Swan from Anderton (sleeps 12) Tundra Swan from Gayton (sleeps 12) Mute Swan from Hilperton (sleeps 12) Trumpeter Swan from Aldermaston (sleeps 12)